Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas and Miracles!

Hey, hey!! :)

I hope you all had a very, merry Christmas!! We did down here in
Kanab. In fact we had a white Christmas.

We have had an interesting week. We did a lot of door knocking
because everyone went out of town for the holidays, so it felt like a
long week, but it was good. We had a miracle...Tuesday, I think it
was, and after about four hours straight of knocking and doors and
getting rejected, we knocked on this ladies house. She was obviously
an active member, but we talked for a few minutes and then out of the
blue she was like. 'I have an unbaptized great-grandson who just moved
into Kanab and wants to get baptized.' That, was exciting. :) The Lord
definitely blesses us when we are doing all that we can.

We had another miracle this well. As I said we had been
doing a lot of tracking. So we were walking round this one
neighborhood for about an hour when we tracked into a member. Turns
out, she knew exactly where one lady was that we had been looking for,
so she drove is up there and we visited for just a minute before the
Member drove us back to our car. That was a miracle in of itself, but
it gets better. We got to the car and I couldn't find the car stress level shot so high. Anyway, started back tracking all
the places we had been and we still couldn't find them so we went back
to the members home to see if they had fallen out there. NoPe. So she
offered to drive us back up to the house that we had visited and there
they were, right there in their drive way.  We were meant to lose
those keys, because in all honesty I had been turned around on which
direction we would have needed to go to go back to her house. The Lord
knew that, so he provided a way for us to get the right directions
because he loved that woman enough to cause me stress. :)

The Lord is in all of our lives, I think he is a lot closer than we
realize. We have had a lot more tender mercies this week, and it just
has been a testimony builder that God is in each of our lives and
wants to bless us. :)

So yeah. That has been my week. I hope you all have a wonderful rest
of your week and awesome holidays!

I love you all!!!
-Sister Waite-a-second. :)

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