Monday, May 29, 2017

Transfers again

Hey Everyone!!

This past week was a good week. A crazy one, but a good one.

We did have transfer calls this week... and I am leaving Kanab. :( I
am going up to Cedar City which is plenty big for this small town
Wyoming girl. At least I am not going to St. George like Sister Kirby
is! She is going to fry in the heat! They are bringing Elders into
Kanab/Kaibab which was a HUGE shock to all the members because Kanab
hasn't had Elders for close to 6 years but the Elders will do a good

We were able to see Rhonda this week and she was doing well, she was
determined to not let Satan beat her. We are sad we aren't going to be
able to see her be baptized, but I know that she will make it there!
Larry will too, even if it takes him a little bit longer.

Besides that we did a lot of knocking on doors. We found a lot of
really good potentials that the
Elders will be able to pick up as new investigators as soon as we are
gone  so the work will continue strong in Kanab!

I love you all!!
-Sister Waite(a-second)

Monday, May 15, 2017

May 15th

Hey Everyone!!

This past week was a busy week. Haha, we have been doing a lot of
traveling ever since they combined the stakes. For instance, on
Saturday we went clear up to Duck Creek (which is about an hour and a
half from Kanab and after a few hours there turned around and went
straight to Cane Beds (which is about 2 hours from Duck Creek) and.
Stayed the night there because we were speaking in their Ward the next
day, We car hopped the whole time because we didn't have the miles for
that... I haven't spend so much time in the car for a long time now!

Larry finally came to church!! We were super excited to hear that, we
had been trying to get him to come to church for a while now. We were
finally also able to see Rhonda as well. Samantha has also been making
progress. She has been reading the Book of Mormon and is all the way
in Mosiah!

Other than that, the other really exciting thing was getting to Skype
home for Mother's Day. That was really good, it was great to be able
to see everyone again. Haha, we did have a neat experience afterwards.
So, Sister Kirby loves Lasagna, LOVES it and she turned to me and said
that what she really wanted for dinner was Lasagna and so during one
of our prayers, she prayed that that is what we would have for dinner.
Guess what we had for dinner? Lasagna. God does hear and answer

Anyway, this next week will hopefully be busy lots of lessons. :)

I love you all!
Have a great week!
-Sister Waite(a-second)
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Monday, May 8, 2017

May 8th

Hey everyone!!

This week was pretty awesome. We had zone conference on Friday and we talked a lot about setting goals. Elder Ballard was President Smiths mission President so when President Smith got a personal email from Elder Ballard suggesting that we that his talk from last conference might be beneficial to this mission...we decided to focus on setting goals. :) 

Haha, we had an interesting experience this week. Sister Kirby and I were walking down the road, going to go find lunch somewhere and we passed this lady walking her dog. As we passed, we said Hi and were moving on when she stopped looked at us and just exclaimed, "What is wrong with you people?" She was a tourist and apparently everyone in Kanab had just been really friendly to her and she couldn't figure out why. It was a neat experience to get to explain to her a little bit more and hopefully down the road she remembers Kanab and the Mormons and explore it a little more. 

We have continued to work with Samantha this week. She has said that the Book of Mormon makes her happier than she has been in a long while. Working up the courage to tell her mom is going to be hard for her, but we know that she can do it. 

We are going to see Larry tonight and Rhonda later this week. We also look forward to week of seeing a lot of people and knocking a lot of doors. We have faith that the Lord will help us find those who are searching for the truth. 

I love you all!! Thanks for everything!
-Sister Waite(a-second) 

Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1

Hey Everyone!

This past week has been good. We made a trip down to St. George on
Tuesday and dropped Sister Lola off.  Haha, we made a trip back up
that way (to Cane Beds) for district meeting on Thursday... which was
held in a barn. So from now on we be holding district meeting in a
barn... but it is a nice barn. ;)

Sister Kirby and I have been having a good time together. One the
highlights of the week has been playing the license plate game. We
decided that since we lived in a tourist town that we would see if we
could get all 50 states (the real adventure was trying to come  up
with all 50 states when you don't have google... though it is amazing
what you can do with
 We have 37 so far plus some Canada ones.

Then the rest of the week we spend a lot of time finding. We knocked
on so many doors this past week that...not much success but we did
find a lot of potentials. That is alright though. As said, a lot of

We did have an exciting moment when someone texted us and said that
they might be interested in learning more. She is a 17 year old girl
named Samantha. She does have one big thing to overcome however, her
mom is pretty anti against the church. We have bee praying for her to
have the courage to come into the Savior and the peace that He can

Rhonda was out of town this week so we weren't able to meet with her.
Larry was also busy this week so we didn't have a chance to meet. We
hope to have a full week this week.

I love you all!!

-Sister Waite(a-second)
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Monday, April 24, 2017

April 24th

Hey Everyone! :)

This week has uneventful, for the most part. I think the most exciting
thing that has gone one is that we have been double booked for dinner
almost every night this week because we combined the stakes. Thus it
has been like thanksgiving all over again because we have been too
soft hearted to cancel with people unless we absolutely have to....

We did get to see Rhonda again. Sister Lola made a promise with her,
that if Rhonda will give up her Word of Wisdom issue the she will give
up her rice.... and if you know Sister Lola then you know that she
loves rice. We all agreed to give something up, Sister Kirby is giving
up impatience.

On Thursday we saw Larry as well. He is still struggling to come to
church, he wasn't able to make it yesterday. :( But we will hopefully
see him a couple times this week and we can talk about that.

It has been fun to be back in Kaibab again. It truly is amazing,
though, how much you forget in 6 weeks, and how soon it comes back as
well. :)

This morning we leaned that Sister Lola is being emergency transferred
to Mesquite (if she had to leave to Kanab, she was glad it was there.
It is closer to Las Vegas which as her duck eggs. :) )  Sister Kirby
and I are looking forward to a busy week!!

I love you all!!

-Sister Waite(a-second)

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Monday, April 17, 2017

April 17th

Hey Everyone!

This past week was pretty uneventful. We saw Rhonda again and she is
back on date for baptism for May 13th! We were pretty exciting about
that!  She recovered a priesthood blessing to help her overcome her
struggles with the Word of Wisdom and she said that it was an amazing
experience! It helped her cut down without evening using the
medication that the doctors wanted her to use. The priesthood can work

We tried to see Rose again, but she said that she wanted to call us
first and set up an exact time so that didn't work out. A lot of our
appointments fell though. Holidays can be hard for that. But we did
knock a lot of doors. We did have an eventful moment when someone gave
us some pretty anti-Mormon literature... so we broke into the other
sisters apartment and stole Sister Lola's matches and burned it. That
was fun. :)

We also had the chance to go up to Alton again, it had been almost a
month since we had been up to Alton for various reasons but it was
good, we taught Trinity again. She is the cutest girl! Oh! And cool
fact. Larry, the man the other sisters are Kaibab, is her great uncle.
They will both be baptized around the same time.

Transfers calls happened this week as well. For the moment (things
might change) but They combined the Kiabab and Kanab stakes so Sister
Kirby, Sister Lola, and I will be a trio! This is going to be an
exciting transfer!

I love you all!
-Sister Waite(a-second)
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Monday, April 10, 2017

April 10th

Hey Everyone!!

This past week was really, really good.

We have the chance to go on mini-exchanges again this week, so I got
to go with Sister Lola to Kaibab! That was a lot of fun to see people
that I had worked with. :) We had the chance to teach Larry. He was a
man who Sister Lola and I picked up on our last day together, so I
never really got to teach him... until Friday! We retaught the
restoration again and we put him on date for June 10th!

Another interesting experience that we had this week all started with
Sister Dunne getting locked out of the bathroom...anyway, there is
whole another story behind that, but we ended up heading to the church
Thursday evening (about 8)  so that she could use the restroom. After
that we were just sitting for a moment, talking about where we were
going to go and we looked and there was this family just staring in at
us! Turns out they were this Member family just looking for bishop but
while we were talking with them another woman walked up. Turns out,
she was looking for a place to pray and this was the only place she
could find that looked open. So we let her in and let her pray for
about half an hour. When she came out, she just looked so at peace. We
started talking with her, and we all starting talking about our
testimonies of Christ and the spirit WAS SO STRONG!! It was really
cool. She didn't take a Book of Mormon or a watch #Princeofpeace, but
she felt the spirit and the Lord provided her a place to pray when she
needed one. That is how much He loves us.

Last night we also managed to pick someone new up. Her name is Rose,
but we are unsure of her real motives. We know that she has been
studying with another religion and is pretty far into it, but we are
just praying that she doesn't want to just debate. We will go back and
see how it goes though!!!

I love you all!!!
-Sister Waite (a-second)

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