Monday, November 28, 2016

Food, food and more food

Hey, hey! 

This past week has been really good. Thanksgiving was awesome! We had our first dinner at 1 with a member and that was really fun, then we also had one with Joe and Tina, some recent converts who are amazing. We also ate one with Lee and Ann, because they had no were else to go and they shouldn't eat Thanksgiving alone. Let me tell you, the Lord works in mysterious ways because Ann wasn't going to come but she was craving real turkey. :) We were so full, though. That night we swore we were never going to eat again, but you guess how well that ended for us. 

We also picked up a new family to teach! :) We were out walking to a lesson (because miles were running low) and were saw a man and his son out chopping wood so we asked if we could help and he said yes. We were kind of shocked because no one says yes.  (Speaking of which, when the sister missionaries say that they are coming to serve, they MEAN that they are coming on pants and to serve. No one ever expects us to actually do it, but we are being 100% serious.)  Anyway, he let us chop wood and we were asking for referrals, because we thought he was a member and he kind of laughed and said besides himself and his family, he didn't know anyone. So we set up a time to come back and they are amazing. Mom and Dad are members, but the sons aren't and T.J. , the 13 year old son, is prepared. Basically we are really excited to teach them. :) 

We were also able to take Rylee out on splits with us yesterday. Hahha, that was fun. She is awesome! And I think she realized just how weird missionaries are but she agreed to come out with us again, so in the end...We were also able to hand off some of our Thanksgiving left overs to her which was really nice. We still have one pie to get rid off.... 

Oh! And we are planning to go to the temple again next week, so our P-Day will be Tuesday instead of Monday. :) 

Anyway, we are excited that the Christmas season is here. If you have not seen it, go check out the #LIgHTtheWORLD video. It is amazing! We super excited when we saw it and have been showing it to everyone. I have seen it probably 20 times but really. We can light the World up this Christmas with love and service if we all work together! 

I Love you all! 
-Sister Waite(a-second)

Sunday, November 27, 2016


Hey, hey! 

Wow, what a week. 

I have met some of the most amazing people this week. We have been working with the Taylors (who run the Humanitarian  Center here) since I got here and they are amazing people. But Elder Taylor decided to take us down to their toy maker (Bro. Anderson) wood shop. He was so incredible. He is 89 years old and gives away everything that he makes for free, he refuses money. He basically supplies the Humanitarian with all their nice toys. But it was just cool to see someone so giving. (Though I am not so sure about that giving Sister Kirby the wooden rubber band gun was the best idea... I keep getting shot with it) 

By the way, the Humanitarian center is amazing. It is truly and inspired program. Just this last week we were able to help paint pigs and stuff stockings (THaT was fun) and for the last few months we have been making clothing protection (aka bibs) as well as the cloth dolls that they us at Primary Children's. And that ain't even close to all that they do there. It is amazing. 

That is one thing that I have noticed. People really are very giving and loving here in Utah and to the missionaries especially. It is quite amazing and humbling what people will do. For example. The washer that we currently have is without a doubt a fire hazard (long story short, the Elders tried to fix it with Tinfoil...) so we had all our Ward mission leaders announce it to the Wards that we were in need and I can't not tell you how many people have been coming up to us and telling us that we could use their washers, and that they would even do our wash for us. It was a really neat experience. I wouldn't be surprised if we came home to find a washer or two outside. We did get a new washer...the man who owns the local Aaron's beat everyone to the punch and got us a brand new washer. People really are amazing.  There is a lot more good in the world then we sometimes realize. :) And it is so true that when we are in the service our fellow beings, we are only in the service of our God. God blesses those who serve and it truly is a way to lift our spirits. 

But yeah. We had are finally done with exchanges so we don't have to drive to Beaver anymore! Yay! Next transfer we shouldn't have to do three exchanges so that will be nice. It was fun to exchange with Sisters Nye and Borba but it did take a good chunk or time and miles to do so. 

Things are slowing down next week because of the Holidays, but we are excited for the upcoming week!! 

I love you all! 

-Sister Waite(a-second) 

Monday, November 14, 2016


Hey, hey, hey! 

RYLEE GOT BAPTIZED! We were so excited! As if you couldn't tell. But that day had been in the works for a long while. And her dad came to support her, which was awesome because we were a little unsure if he would. But it was such a special night. :) :) Now we can steal her and take her out on splits. :) :) I am attaching a picture of her baptism and one of her and her brothers with Sis. Malphrus from right before she got transferred. :) 

Also this week we had exchanges. That was interesting. We may or may not have gotten lost going to Beaver. We may now be running short on miles. But that is all good. That just means we get to do more walking, which I have been wanting to do anyway. The weather down here has been really warm, it is weird. But at long last it should get cold this Thursday (which just so happens to be Sister Dunbar's birthday!) and they are taking about snow but we will see. I am excited though. Hahha, poor sister Kirby is going to freeze to death. She thinks it is freezing now, it isn't even coat weather.  

We have been working with a lot of 9 year old boys in the 9th Ward lately. Jaxton, Asher, Kaden, Ezra and Ryker to be exact. Kaden was baptized just before I got transferred to cover both stakes, but it has been fun getting to know him. Jaxton is .so. shy, but that is alright. We will get him to talk or open up sometime. Asher is Jaxtons best friend so that has been fun for them. And I haven't actually meet the other two yet. We have always been on splits.  But I am sure they are pretty cool as well. :) 

Ann is doing amazing, still. She has gained such a strong testimony of prayer. She says that she prays all the time now and she says it is so easy to see the difference then when she didn't use too. She is amazing. :) :)  She actually reminds us a lot of Lee, who is doing awesome as well. He got up on Sunday and bore his testimony about helping less actives come back. 

So yeah. We are doing well. Richfield is still standing, so that is good, and we are keeping busy. Thank you so much to all you guys for everything! 
I love you! 
Sister Waite(a-second

Yours, Mine and Ours

Hey, hey! 

This past week has been super busy. Covering two stakes (19 wards) certainly keeps us one our toes! 

It was hard to say goodbye to Sister Malphrus last week she was an amazing person and friend.  But I did get a new companion. So, Sister Dunbar is from Washington state and has been serving for almost 15 months now. She has served all of that down in St. George so she thinks it is freezing up here. Just like Sister Kirby.  The funny thing is that it isn't even coat weather here yet! Light jacket weather, maybe... it is really amusing actually. :) 

Last Monday was really stressful though. So, we had to clean, pack, shop, all that good stuff, and also decided to run hunted house of sort. It was really stressful but a lot of fun! We got to scare people. ;) We invited everyone to it, hopping people could get out and see that missionaries are normal people as well, but we weren't crossing our fingers for a very high turn out but we had some many people come! It was fantastic. :) 

So this past week we have been working a lot with Rylee (she even played our witch in our haunted house) And she was great). Her baptism is set for the 12(!!) and we are so excited for her. I love Rylee, she is the sweetest girl and this day has been long in the making. Haha, she wants Sister Malphrus and Brown to do a musical number (skyping in from St. George) and we haven't told them yet. We probably should get on that... 

We also had stake Conference for the East stake (the awesome stake... the other one is alright too, I guess...)  and Ann came!! We were so excited because again we were sure if she was going to be she did! She even came to sit inside instead of in the foyer! That made my day. :) 

Anyway, the work is still going forward.  It is weird to be with the other stake. I still think of it was the other stake and East as mine but slowly Sis. Kirby and I are starting to think of it them both being our stakes. :) 

I love you all!! 
-Sister Waite(a-second)

Monday, November 7, 2016


Hey, hey!! 

So transfer calls come in yesterday. Late, by the way, we were supposed to get them around 8:30ish, but they didn't come on time, so we had to wait until after 9:00 
Sacrament meeting. We were going insane!

Anyway, Sister Malphrus is headed down to St. George and guess who her companion is....Sister Brown, her companion right before me. And then...I am staying here, in Richfield!! And guess who my companion is? Sister Kirby! And guess what they did to us? They combined the two stakes into one guess who is going to be crazy busy!  It is going to be a crazy 6 weeks. Oh, and we getting put into a trio, so a third sister is coming down from St. George, Sister Dunbar. I know nothing about her, so you will know more next week. Also, I have to switch apartments... :( Which means packing up all my stuff to move across town and losing Wifi. :( 

Our new address is:
 390n 500w 
Richfield Ut
Same zip code 

But yeah. That was the exciting news from me. We have been rushing around town yesterday and today and tomorrow so that Sis. M. can say goodbye to people. Plus we have to pack and deep clean, so it will be a crazy few days that is fosho! 


We had a special zone conference this past week. Elder Ringwood of the 70 came and talked with us. It was amazing! We talked about being obedient to the small things, and how that of we show we are willing to obey the small things (like getting up at 6:30am...) they it will show the Lord that we want revelation and we will be prepared. It was so good, and then also, read through Moroni 10 and find all the 'exhorts' (there are 8)... it was so cool. 

We have been working with a less active woman named Ann lately. Oh, she is fun. BUT SHE CAME TO CHURCH!! Yay!! We were so excited to see her there, she only stayed for sacrament, but the mere fact that she came says a lot.   

I love you all!!! 

-Sister Waite(a-second)