Monday, November 14, 2016


Hey, hey, hey! 

RYLEE GOT BAPTIZED! We were so excited! As if you couldn't tell. But that day had been in the works for a long while. And her dad came to support her, which was awesome because we were a little unsure if he would. But it was such a special night. :) :) Now we can steal her and take her out on splits. :) :) I am attaching a picture of her baptism and one of her and her brothers with Sis. Malphrus from right before she got transferred. :) 

Also this week we had exchanges. That was interesting. We may or may not have gotten lost going to Beaver. We may now be running short on miles. But that is all good. That just means we get to do more walking, which I have been wanting to do anyway. The weather down here has been really warm, it is weird. But at long last it should get cold this Thursday (which just so happens to be Sister Dunbar's birthday!) and they are taking about snow but we will see. I am excited though. Hahha, poor sister Kirby is going to freeze to death. She thinks it is freezing now, it isn't even coat weather.  

We have been working with a lot of 9 year old boys in the 9th Ward lately. Jaxton, Asher, Kaden, Ezra and Ryker to be exact. Kaden was baptized just before I got transferred to cover both stakes, but it has been fun getting to know him. Jaxton is .so. shy, but that is alright. We will get him to talk or open up sometime. Asher is Jaxtons best friend so that has been fun for them. And I haven't actually meet the other two yet. We have always been on splits.  But I am sure they are pretty cool as well. :) 

Ann is doing amazing, still. She has gained such a strong testimony of prayer. She says that she prays all the time now and she says it is so easy to see the difference then when she didn't use too. She is amazing. :) :)  She actually reminds us a lot of Lee, who is doing awesome as well. He got up on Sunday and bore his testimony about helping less actives come back. 

So yeah. We are doing well. Richfield is still standing, so that is good, and we are keeping busy. Thank you so much to all you guys for everything! 
I love you! 
Sister Waite(a-second

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