Sunday, November 27, 2016


Hey, hey! 

Wow, what a week. 

I have met some of the most amazing people this week. We have been working with the Taylors (who run the Humanitarian  Center here) since I got here and they are amazing people. But Elder Taylor decided to take us down to their toy maker (Bro. Anderson) wood shop. He was so incredible. He is 89 years old and gives away everything that he makes for free, he refuses money. He basically supplies the Humanitarian with all their nice toys. But it was just cool to see someone so giving. (Though I am not so sure about that giving Sister Kirby the wooden rubber band gun was the best idea... I keep getting shot with it) 

By the way, the Humanitarian center is amazing. It is truly and inspired program. Just this last week we were able to help paint pigs and stuff stockings (THaT was fun) and for the last few months we have been making clothing protection (aka bibs) as well as the cloth dolls that they us at Primary Children's. And that ain't even close to all that they do there. It is amazing. 

That is one thing that I have noticed. People really are very giving and loving here in Utah and to the missionaries especially. It is quite amazing and humbling what people will do. For example. The washer that we currently have is without a doubt a fire hazard (long story short, the Elders tried to fix it with Tinfoil...) so we had all our Ward mission leaders announce it to the Wards that we were in need and I can't not tell you how many people have been coming up to us and telling us that we could use their washers, and that they would even do our wash for us. It was a really neat experience. I wouldn't be surprised if we came home to find a washer or two outside. We did get a new washer...the man who owns the local Aaron's beat everyone to the punch and got us a brand new washer. People really are amazing.  There is a lot more good in the world then we sometimes realize. :) And it is so true that when we are in the service our fellow beings, we are only in the service of our God. God blesses those who serve and it truly is a way to lift our spirits. 

But yeah. We had are finally done with exchanges so we don't have to drive to Beaver anymore! Yay! Next transfer we shouldn't have to do three exchanges so that will be nice. It was fun to exchange with Sisters Nye and Borba but it did take a good chunk or time and miles to do so. 

Things are slowing down next week because of the Holidays, but we are excited for the upcoming week!! 

I love you all! 

-Sister Waite(a-second) 

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