Monday, November 28, 2016

Food, food and more food

Hey, hey! 

This past week has been really good. Thanksgiving was awesome! We had our first dinner at 1 with a member and that was really fun, then we also had one with Joe and Tina, some recent converts who are amazing. We also ate one with Lee and Ann, because they had no were else to go and they shouldn't eat Thanksgiving alone. Let me tell you, the Lord works in mysterious ways because Ann wasn't going to come but she was craving real turkey. :) We were so full, though. That night we swore we were never going to eat again, but you guess how well that ended for us. 

We also picked up a new family to teach! :) We were out walking to a lesson (because miles were running low) and were saw a man and his son out chopping wood so we asked if we could help and he said yes. We were kind of shocked because no one says yes.  (Speaking of which, when the sister missionaries say that they are coming to serve, they MEAN that they are coming on pants and to serve. No one ever expects us to actually do it, but we are being 100% serious.)  Anyway, he let us chop wood and we were asking for referrals, because we thought he was a member and he kind of laughed and said besides himself and his family, he didn't know anyone. So we set up a time to come back and they are amazing. Mom and Dad are members, but the sons aren't and T.J. , the 13 year old son, is prepared. Basically we are really excited to teach them. :) 

We were also able to take Rylee out on splits with us yesterday. Hahha, that was fun. She is awesome! And I think she realized just how weird missionaries are but she agreed to come out with us again, so in the end...We were also able to hand off some of our Thanksgiving left overs to her which was really nice. We still have one pie to get rid off.... 

Oh! And we are planning to go to the temple again next week, so our P-Day will be Tuesday instead of Monday. :) 

Anyway, we are excited that the Christmas season is here. If you have not seen it, go check out the #LIgHTtheWORLD video. It is amazing! We super excited when we saw it and have been showing it to everyone. I have seen it probably 20 times but really. We can light the World up this Christmas with love and service if we all work together! 

I Love you all! 
-Sister Waite(a-second)

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