Monday, January 30, 2017

Jan 30, 2017

Hey, everybody! :)

This week has been good. We taught more lessons this week then we have
in a while which was really nice. We also got to attend the world wide
missionary broadcast. That was really good,  but I think the news that
most missionaries were excited about was the extra hours on P-day. I
didn't hear anyone complaining. :)

We have been working with Satoria again this week. She and her little brother
 both received the Book of Mormon stories form the Ward thus
Sunday and apparently he couldn't put it down and read it throughout
primary. They both know so much!

This week we received a referral from one of our Ward mission leaders,
and it sounds pretty golden. At first we couldn't find it, so we
thought it was a fake address or that we had copied it down wrong. But
we went back anyway the next day just to see if we could find it.
Turns out it is just really hidden, but it was there. An older couple
lives there, both not members. The husband, Mike, knows so much about
the gospel. He loves it, he just doesn't want to be baptized.  What is
it with all these dry Mormons? But the wife, Irene, knew very little
and was willing to talk with us more. She does have a very strong
opinion of who God is and such, so that might be interesting but we
are exciting to go back.

We have also been working with a lot of kids. Which is always
eventful. We are to have four baptisms between February and March, all
them children.

But this week has been good. Uneventful which is always nice. We
taught the fifth Sunday lesson down in the Moccasins Ward which was
exciting. It was so funny, we have a nonmember who attends there
every week (doesn't want to join, just looking for a church to go with
his friends) but he commented the most out of almost everybody.

I love you all!!!
-Sister Waite(a-second)

Monday, January 23, 2017


Hey, hey!! :)

We had an interesting adventure this week that has caused major
amounts of stress in my life, but now it is all good... I think. We
missed a call and when we checked it, not knowing the stress that lay
ahead, we discovered that someone had backed into our car while it had
been parked leaving a nice big dent  in the back. Lots of paperwork
for me,  because I am the driver.  Oh well. If that is the worst that
happens, I will be good. :)  it really wasn't that bad, though at the
moment is was very stressful.

Anyway, besides that this week was good. We saw Satoria again and it
went really well. She is going to make it to her baptism. :) Her dad,
who is less active, even joined in teaching so that was good. We are
so excited for this family.

It has been snowing here over the past few days, which is exciting but
also I have learned just how much I hate driving in it... I haven't
killed anyone yet, though, so that is good. :)  we did have a chance
to build a snowman though it it ended up looking like one from Calvin
and Hobbs.... all we had was red rock. :)

Oh! Yeah, we had transfers. :) Nothing is changing here, but we didn't
think it would be so... next transfer we are thinking Sister Lola will
move though. On Wednesday Sister Malphrus goes home though. :( I don't
think she is very happy about that. She LOVED being out here.  Also
one Wednesday we will have a special missionary broadcast which is
bound to be exciting. We have to go all the down to St. George to view
it... but that will be good. We are riding down with our senior couple
so I don't have to drive in St. George and that is just fine by me. :)

This week we finally have more lessons planned, which we are really
excited about.

I love you all!!
Sister Waite(a-second)

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Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 5 of Transfer 4

Hey, everybody! :)

This is the last week before transfers...we don't think anything is
going to change but you never know. :)  if anyone is going to leave it
will be Sister Lola (knock on wood) but we think she still has one
more transfer left in her here in Kaibab.  Transfers are slightly
annoying sometimes...

We had a couple interesting experience this week. First off, One of
our Ward Mission leaders texted us and told us about this girl,
Satoria, in his Ward who had been coming to church with her
grandparents for forever, but for some reason was not baptized so we
got over there pretty quick and turns put it just hadn't happened
because the dad, a less active member, hadn't gotten around to it but
he was very open to us coming back! We were super excited about that,
and in fact we have our first lesson with her tonight. :)

Another happy note we had this awesome person we were teaching, her
name is Carolyn, but she decided to drop us. :( But we got a call from
her earlier this week saying that she wanted to see is again, she
didn't want to talk about the gospel but she did want to be friends.
That was really exciting to us because we had not had any contact with
her since we knocked on her door and she told us she didn't want us to
come over anymore.  So for the moment we are just going to be friends.

On a not so fun note we were going through the unbaptized children
list and knocked on one of the doors and this lady invited us in. We
thought she was a member and she was talking about her conversion
she... and then she mentioned Joseph Smith... and proceeded to bash
the church and everything in it quit harshly. Hahah, the funny thing
was she kept saying how 'we could just be friends, and we didn't have
to talk about religion at all (when she was literally the one doing
all the talking) and then she would bring up something else about the
church she didn't like. Sister Lola and I were talking afterwards
about it and how a person can lose their testimonies like that and it
just goes to show. This woman had a testimony, she had gone to church
for 10 years,  then she stopped doing the little things that would
keep her testimony strong. She stopped doing the things that she was
supposed to be doing and it lead her down a path of places she didn't
want to go.  We have to keep doing those things small and simple
things that are apart of our everyday life, if we do that, then we
will be alright.

I love you all!!
-Sister Waite-a second
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Monday, January 9, 2017

Jan 9, 2017

Hey, Y'all!

This past week could only be described a wet. Lots of rain, and mud
with a hint of snow on the side. It is so warm weather wise
though.  It really is strange though because I expect to get up in the
morning and be freezing...but I'm not. In fact sometimes I think it is
too hot. I think Sister Lola disagrees. :)

But this week was good. We had to make ourselves busy, but this week
we are going to have more lessons. Thank  goodness the holidays are
finally over and people will stop going out of town.  :) We did knock
into a few good potential people who said that we might be able to
come back later, so we are excited about that.

We also did exchanges this week. Parents, you would be proud because I
had to drive in St. George. Unfortunately for Sister Brown, however,
she broke her tooth :( so we actually spent a good deal of time in the
dentist office. By the way, look where the dentist office was located.
Only Utah.

We also had a chance to go up to the Kaibab Ward and speak. We went up
late Saturday night and spent the night at our Ward mission leader's
home so we wouldn't have to drive up.  We had to laugh because we
actually went to all three hours of church. I think that was the first
time since I left the MTC that we have done that.

Anyway, I love you all!!
-Sister Waite (a-second)
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Monday, January 2, 2017

Jan 2, 2017

Hey, hey!! :)

Not much happened this week. We had zone meeting down in Hurricane and
did interviews while we were at it. We had to laugh when at the end,
Sister Smith pulled us (the Kaibab and Kanab) sisters over and gave us
toilet paper. The mission had received a few Walmart gift cards and
Sister Smith decided that it would best be put to use in buying us
toilet paper. That is just how far out in the boonies we are. :)  But
hey, we are not complaining.

We have been knocking on a lot of doors this week. The holidays are
hard because no one wants to meet with us. :( Hopefully though this
next week will pick up and we will be able to have more lessons.  We
did have the chance to go out to Cane Beds this week, which is an area
that is about 20 miles away so we don't normally go there. That was
good. We managed to meet with a couple of less active people and ran
into some Fundamentalist.  That was interesting. :)

Here in Kanab we managed to track down a someone we had been meaning
to see for a while. They address was wrong in our area book, but we
just decided to try one of the doors I. That area. Guess who it was?
That's right! The person we were looking for. That was cool :) They
are just moving in so we were able to help them unpack and bit and we
did their dishes so we managed to hit two birds with one stone.

And of course we welcomed in 2017!!! ONE FULL YEAR OF MISSIONARY
WORK!! :) :) I am excited to get to serve the Lord full time as a
missionary this year. It is going to be awesome!

I love you all!! Thanks for all that you do!
-Sister Waite(a-second)