Monday, January 23, 2017


Hey, hey!! :)

We had an interesting adventure this week that has caused major
amounts of stress in my life, but now it is all good... I think. We
missed a call and when we checked it, not knowing the stress that lay
ahead, we discovered that someone had backed into our car while it had
been parked leaving a nice big dent  in the back. Lots of paperwork
for me,  because I am the driver.  Oh well. If that is the worst that
happens, I will be good. :)  it really wasn't that bad, though at the
moment is was very stressful.

Anyway, besides that this week was good. We saw Satoria again and it
went really well. She is going to make it to her baptism. :) Her dad,
who is less active, even joined in teaching so that was good. We are
so excited for this family.

It has been snowing here over the past few days, which is exciting but
also I have learned just how much I hate driving in it... I haven't
killed anyone yet, though, so that is good. :)  we did have a chance
to build a snowman though it it ended up looking like one from Calvin
and Hobbs.... all we had was red rock. :)

Oh! Yeah, we had transfers. :) Nothing is changing here, but we didn't
think it would be so... next transfer we are thinking Sister Lola will
move though. On Wednesday Sister Malphrus goes home though. :( I don't
think she is very happy about that. She LOVED being out here.  Also
one Wednesday we will have a special missionary broadcast which is
bound to be exciting. We have to go all the down to St. George to view
it... but that will be good. We are riding down with our senior couple
so I don't have to drive in St. George and that is just fine by me. :)

This week we finally have more lessons planned, which we are really
excited about.

I love you all!!
Sister Waite(a-second)

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