Monday, January 2, 2017

Jan 2, 2017

Hey, hey!! :)

Not much happened this week. We had zone meeting down in Hurricane and
did interviews while we were at it. We had to laugh when at the end,
Sister Smith pulled us (the Kaibab and Kanab) sisters over and gave us
toilet paper. The mission had received a few Walmart gift cards and
Sister Smith decided that it would best be put to use in buying us
toilet paper. That is just how far out in the boonies we are. :)  But
hey, we are not complaining.

We have been knocking on a lot of doors this week. The holidays are
hard because no one wants to meet with us. :( Hopefully though this
next week will pick up and we will be able to have more lessons.  We
did have the chance to go out to Cane Beds this week, which is an area
that is about 20 miles away so we don't normally go there. That was
good. We managed to meet with a couple of less active people and ran
into some Fundamentalist.  That was interesting. :)

Here in Kanab we managed to track down a someone we had been meaning
to see for a while. They address was wrong in our area book, but we
just decided to try one of the doors I. That area. Guess who it was?
That's right! The person we were looking for. That was cool :) They
are just moving in so we were able to help them unpack and bit and we
did their dishes so we managed to hit two birds with one stone.

And of course we welcomed in 2017!!! ONE FULL YEAR OF MISSIONARY
WORK!! :) :) I am excited to get to serve the Lord full time as a
missionary this year. It is going to be awesome!

I love you all!! Thanks for all that you do!
-Sister Waite(a-second)

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