Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Time Flies

Hey, hey!

Wow. Time flies when you are on a mission. Well, the weeks go by
really quick (the days not so much). It seems like I just got here to
Richfield, but I honestly doubt that any of us four sisters here will
be transferred because we are all training or being trained.

We had an amazing call this week. We were sitting around doing numbers
Sunday night and we get a call from a former investigator, Roberto,
and he called us an said "I am ready to be baptized...when is the
soonest I can do it?" He said he could hear us flipping out over the
phone. But he has the most amazing story. Roberto has had a really
rough life, but he is doing so well. After he decided to be
baptized,he said that his life turned upside down but the really cool
thing is that he recognized that it was Satan doing it and he said
that it has done nothing more than convinced him of the truth. So we
are excited about that.

Nothing else really big has happened this week. We did have an
interested experience when we went to go track an apartment complex.
The second door we knocked on, the parents were for show not
interested, but their two little girls were so excited to see us. The
actually dragged us around their neighborhood, telling us who was
home, who they were etc. They knocked on all the doors before we got
there. It was so funny. It was a bit of challenge when people did open
the door because the girls didn't want to stand there and talk and
kept dragging us away, literally dragging us. They did it again the
next day we when we went back, only they had two more friends this
time.  It was interesting. :)

The other Sisters had an interesting experience this week. Someone,
don't know who, managed to find a way into their home and had a huge
role of Saran Wrap. It was hilarious.

Anyway, that has pretty much been my week. The days really blend
because we are doing the same thing every single day, but it as all
good. We talked a lot this week about how much Heavenly Father and
Jesus Christ loves each and everything single one of us. One scripture
that I did not know existed before my mission but that I really love I
Romans 8: 35-39. Nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. :)

I love you all!!
-Sister Waite(-a-second)

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