Saturday, September 24, 2016

One Transfer Down

Hey, Hey!

So I survived my first transfer! :) Nothing has been switched up,
except for the fact that we no longer have a Relief Society
President....(Our district only had three sets of missionaries, and
since our DL was over just sisters, he was our RSP)  But we are
getting another set of Elders in Monroe, so he is really happy about
that. In our hearts he will forever be our RSP. :)

A lot has happened this week! Some weeks nothing happens...and then
bam! Everything happens at once. But we are having Roberto's baptism
this Saturday! He is prepared and for sure ready.  We are excited for
that! I just hope that it will not be as stressful as Deb's baptism

We also had an interesting experience this week. So we were knocking
apartments and we knocked on one door, (in all fairness, we did knock
rather loud) an she opened the door and got rather mad us and slammed
the door. We went back a few days later to apologize and when she
opened the door... And said, "I want to get baptized!" Uhhh... Go
figure... It turns out that she had been taking the lessons before and
much like Roberto the time just hadn't been right.

And then this past Sunday we had the chance  to listen to a fireside
pretend by Al Fox Caraway! That, was amazing! And really packed... It
was a tri stake event so it was packed to the brim, and they had to
broadcast it to the Tabernacle but the really funny thing is that we
went really early to do Coordination with our Ward Mission Leaders so
we claimed the last pew for ourselves but we forget how many people
were going to be attending and when we parked, we parked like
missionaries. There were probably at least a few people who didn't
like us that much last night. :) But we realized this towards the
ending of the fireside, and we just booked it out there to see if we
could get away without people noticing and we practically ran Al Fox
over..... Oops.

But yeah. That was my week for the most part. There were some other
interesting things that happened, but there is not time for
everything... (though I am including a video of our fearless ward
mission leaders... Watch, someone gets smacked in the head. :) ) and
they all had a story behind them, so... I guess the will just have to
wait. Also, just because I love you guys, a picture of us waiting for
food today at Wingers. :)

I love you all!
-Sister Waite(-a-second)

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