Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Hey, everyone!!
Nothing much has happened this week... but we did have a baptism!!! :) Roberto was baptized on Saturday and it was fabulous. It was at the same time as the Women's broadcast, so we missed out on that, but we did hear traces of President Uchtdorf voices, so that made me happy. I am so excited to go listen to his talk when, *if*, I find the time. 
We have done a lot of finding this week. A lot. Sadly, we do not have much to show for our efforts but that is alright. This week! We will find people! But we did have some good lessons with those that we are teaching. Rylee is doing well, she came to Roberto's baptism and enjoyed it. We have had a hard time meeting with Kellie and Blake, as well as the Christensens and Krystal. But we had a really good lesson with Lee who also managed to make it to the baptism and had an absolutely amazing time and really felt the Spirit, so yea!! 
That is just about our teaching pool at the moment. We did pick up one woman. Her name is Tawsha and she is so sweet. We are really excited that the Lord blessed her to lose her job so that we can meet with her. No, we are sad that she lost her job, but sometimes things like that can be a blessing in disguise. She is so eager to learn and we are so excited to begin teaching her again!  
But yeah. Not much else has happened this week. We do the same thing everyday so it all kind of bleeeends. :) 
Thank you for all you guys are doing!!
I love you!!

-Sister Waite(a-second)

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