Saturday, August 6, 2016

Time Flies

Hey, everyone! 

It seems like so much has happened this past week, I don't have enough time to say everything! 

By the way, when I first got here, people kept telling us to make it to Sunday and then time would fly and I thought they were joking...No. It was true. Every. Single. Word. This is my last few days here at the MTC before I head off to St. George and that is just the weirdest feeling because I just got here. But no, it is actually happening.  I leave about 4:30 AM Wednesday to fly down there. (I can see why they don't want to drive us. Being stuck in a car with 12 missionaries would not be a fun experience for anybody involved). 

We had in-Field Orientation yesterday which was really, really good but also really long. 9 hours long. But as we were moving around, role playing with different people I ran into Elder Oakely. He is serving in the Billings, MT mission and I may have freaked out. Look out for him, I told him that my parents would feed him well if he ever got to go to Powell. But that honestly made my day. (Another thing that was awesome was when I ran into Elder Shakespeare and Elder Batman. I am not joking, these are their actually names.)

Also, during in-Field, they had some really good thoughts about how lowering your expectation lower our efficiency. We have to believe that we will baptize people and that the Lord as prepared people in every single area that we are going to go to. We have the Lord on our side, we shouldn't be doubting that we can't get baptisms. Yes, there won't always be a lot of baptisms and that is alright, but we shouldn't go in there with that mind set. The Lord is already preparing people and we need to forget that stereotype that people don't want to listen to our message. I really loved that part, which was in the morning. If I am being honest, I was so done with it the last few hours. :) 

Oh, I do have to mention though that one of our instructors served his mission Boston and he talked about driving through downtown Boston after getting picked up from the airport in a fifteen passenger van and how he thought he was going to die...  I could relate to that. No, thank you Dad for getting us through that safely. ;) 

Sister Keeney (our old STL) is also going to ST. George as well. She ships out with us next Wednesday! I love Sister Keeney, she is amazing. Because she is a Visitor Center Sister, she has to do any extra week of training but her companion, Sister Beals, and the rest of her district left on Wednesday, so we have adopted her. :) I don't think we will ever give her back either. . She is actually a solo missionaries, so she doesn't have to have a companion, but she did move rooms so she is now in our room. It has been so fun to have another Sister hanging out with the four or us! We all love her. 

There is so much I want to say and so little time! Oh, before I forget. If you can find it, go watch Bubba's Mormon Message. I don't know exactly what it is called, but it is about how he changed from being a Gang member to being a Mormon and he is kind of one of the 'celebrities' if you want to use that word, around here. He is a TRC (he role plays being an investigator) and he is *known* for making missionaries cry.... I have gotten the chance to meet him, sort of, a few times and he is actually really nice and sweet outside of the classroom. I think the fact that he did the Mormon message is one of the worst keep secrets here because we aren't actually suppose to know that he is a member, but oh well.  He is really cool, watch his message if you can find it. :)

Anyway, I love you all!!! 
-Sister Waite

P.S. Oh, I keep forgetting to answer those who have asked. We do get to go the Provo City temple every P-day. :) I am super stoked to be going back this afternoon though also slightly heart broken because this will be out last time to go through together as a district. 

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