Wednesday, August 24, 2016

One down, seventeen more to go

Hey, everyone!

This past week has flown by! Time really does blend on a mission. It
doesn't feel like I have only been here a almost two weeks, it feels
like I have been here for three months. :) Oh! I hit my one month mark
on Saturday! One down, seventeen more to go!

I forgot to tell you a little bit more about Sister Malphrus. :) She
is from South Carolina. She goes home in January, so she has been out
a year. She loves to tease, but she is really patient with me. I have
learned so much from her!

We have been keeping busy, teaching a lot of lessons. We have three
investigators on date (cross your fingers...) as long as they keep
doing what they are supposed to.

Rylee is 15 and adorable! As long as we get her parent’s permission,
then we can go forward with the27th. Then there is Deb, who is goaling
for the 30th and Tasha who is so ready, and we are planning hers for
the 24th of September. All of these people are amazing, and have gone
through some really hard things. It is just amazing how the gospel has
blessed there lives!

Kellie is working on coming back to church as well and I love her so
much! She also is an amazing person!

On Wednesday we (and the other Sisters) run a Family Home Evening, and
it is great fun. We played the human version of Hungry, Hungry Hippos
and was it hilarious. :)

Anyway, I just want to let you know that this church is true! That is
something that I have really come to know. Joseph Smith is a prophet. The Spirit truly works in our lives for the better, and leads us and
guides us. :)

I love you all!!!
-Sister Waite-a-second

Here is a picture of Sister Waite and Sister Malphrus at a dinner appointment

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