Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hello from the MTC


Here at the MTC, my P-day is Friday, so you can look for emails from me then for the next two weeks. 

I have only had one full day at here at the MTC and that went well.  Let me just say, though, that there are a lot more stairs to the fifth floor then usual when you are making mutipal trips up and down them. Our classroom is there and we spend most of time, but meals and special classes are in different buildings so... lots of stair climbing. 

I have a great companion, her name is Sister Kirby and we have a blast. In my district is another pair of Sister missionaries (Sister Thomas and Sister Ranker). We room together as well, but we all get along fantastically so that is all great. :) 

It was kind of funny. As I was going into the MTC, I was right behind... Sister Waits, so that was kind of funny. Everybody helping us new people check in kept laughing as Sister Waits was followed by Sister Waite. Made it easy for them, though, they were in the right part of the alphabet. 

Yesterday at dinner I ambushed Emily, or I guess I should say Sister Clark, but, oh, that made me so happy. I had been looking for her and meals and I kept having mini freak outs because I thought I saw her, and then it wasn't her... But then it was!! So we hugged and made our companions just stand there, but hey. 

I am out of time, but... 
I love you all!!

Sister Waite

Grandma Sharp and Julia just before Julia went to the MTC

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