Sunday, March 12, 2017

Happy President's Day

Hey Everyone!! :)

This past week has been great!

Satoria got baptized on Saturday. :) It was really wonderful to see it
happen. Sister Smith came down and went to our baptisms, so that was
exciting and stressful. :) But there really is such a unique spirit at
a baptism. I didn't recognize it before, but it is there. I may or may
not have shared this before but our mission President told us that 80%
of non-members who attend a baptism are later are baptized.  There
really is such a sprit about baptisms! :)

On a less happy note, Jeff, who were working with out in Cane Beds
texted yesterday to say that he didn't want to meet with us for the
next couple of weeks, but that he was going to read the Book of
Mormon. So that was disappointing, but if he does read then it will
all work out. The Book of Mormon has a lot of power in it!!

We had a miracle yesterday. Our Ward mission leader in Fredonia 2nd
Ward had asked us to check up on someone, but we had no address and he
didn't know where he lived, so that was kind of difficult. But we were
tracking and the first door we knocked on, the boy who we were looking for answered!  He wasn't interested, but the Lord provided for a chance for us to ask!

Thanks for everything that you guys do! I love you all!!
-Sister Waite(a-second)

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