Sunday, March 12, 2017

February 27, 2017

Hey everyone!! :)

This past week was really good. We went on exchanges and I got to go
with Sister Dunbar again! That was a lot of fun. That is twice in a
row that my STL's have been past sisters that I have worked with,
which makes it a lot of fun. :)

We saw so many miracles this week. We were trying our hardest to hit
the weekly goal set by the mission, which is something that President
Smith wants to see happening more. We missed it by one! (We didn't put
anybody on date for baptism this week...) but there were so many
miracles as we amped up our game.

One of the miracles was Austin. Last Monday we ran were sharing lunch
with one of the members here, and she gave us a referral for a young
boy who came to church every week with his grandparents, but she
didn't think was baptized. Turns out, they are not his grandparents,
just family friends, and Austin does come every week and wants to be
baptized. So we went over and talked with his mom, who said that we
could teach him. As part of our weekly goal we needed to get one new
person to church, and we were going to count Austin so we thought, two
birds with one stone. Austin was sick on Sunday. We didn't think we
were going to hit that goal... but then about half way through
sacrament meeting we turned around and there was someone we were
teaching! We had no clue they were going to come, last time we talked
they weren't going to be able to, but there they were!  The Lord is
going to help us do what we need to do. He is going to aid us.
Miracles happen in his work. :)

Anyway, so Sister Lola and I are both determined to hit our goals for
this week, as this will most likely be our last week together.
Transfers will happen not this Tuesday but next Tuesday so we will see
what will happen. It will be interesting that is for sure!

I love you all!!
-Sister Waite(a-second)

Sister Waite and Sister Lola were able to find the house my family lived in from 1981 until 1986. Sister Lola said that Julia was super excited when they found it.  It has changed a lot since I lived there.

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