Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17th

Hey, hey!

This past week has been good. :) We had interviews with the President
this past week as well as inspections. We passed our inspection with
flying colors! We may or may not have done emergency cleaning before
hand.... I think everyone did because President was coming to our
houses to do interviews. :) And before I forget. Next P-day will be on
Tuesday. :)

But this past week we did a lot of work. We didn't necessarily find
very many but we did find a few potentials which we are really excited
about. We did get a referral for a whole family yesterday (with 5 or 6
kids!) so we are even more excited about that. We plan to go pound
down their door tomorrow.

We did lose one of the people we were teaching. :( Lee was a less
active who had fallen away years ago after being offended by a bishop
and we had been working with him for about two months.  He is amazing.
He has worked so hard to come back and he finally made the leap to go
back to church and he, as well as is, fell that he is ready to be done
meeting with us. :) He says that going back to church is like riding a
bike and now that he has fully immersed himself, he is ready and is
once more starting to work towards the temple. :) :) That is the only
reason that we are happy to lose someone.

I've said it before but I will say it again. This gospel changes
people in amazing ways. 2 months ago Lee was swearing that he would
never enter another Mormon church again, but here he is now. And we
have some many other examples of that. If you let it, of you take it
in and hold onto it, this gospel and Jesus Christ can change you in
amazing ways and it is not going to stop. It is an endless
transformation that changes us into something more then we can even
imagine. :)

Annnnnnd because I like you all, pictures! One with us and Lee (no, I
am not wearing shorts, it is just really windy)  and one of me and
Sis. Malphrus. :)

I Love you all!!
-Sister Waite(a-second)

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