Saturday, October 8, 2016


Hey, hey, hey! 

This week has been....interesting. We blame our released relief society president. Last week we canceled our district meeting because Elder Ludwig was sick...guess who was sick this week. Not me, I can tell you. Sister Kirby was sick Tuesday to Wednesday. Sister Brown was sick Thursday to Friday and Sister Malphrus was sick Wednesday to Saturday. So they got to stay inside all day... 

It was stressful to say the least because we were juggling two stakes at once, trying to cover all the lessons. The most interesting day was when my split canceled at the last second. That, was stressful because  we had a lesson...that we missed because I couldn't find anyone in time. But it was all good. I did a lot of growing. :) 

General Conference was a blessed relief though!! It was amazing! We tried to watch it with as many of our investigators as possible, but two of the three we had planned fell through. So we just watched in in our basement... in our in home theatre. It was nice. 

We did get to watch it with Jack, though. He is in a part member family. His wife is super active and he goes to church with her very week, he just has some issues with the church. But, he says that conference is his favorite weekend because his wife makes cinnamon rolls. So we went over and had cinnamon rolls with them. 

We were slightly upset that Elder Holland spoke in Priesthood. Haha, it was slightly funny because we were by the stake center so we made quick run there to use the bathroom, forgetting that priesthood was  happening, and we walked through the doors and Elder Holland was speaking. ..... So while we were in the bathroom we turned on the sound and listens to Elder Holland preach about home teaching. Hopefully people listened because home/visiting teachers really are key!  We need them, because they really do make difference to people out there. We had one inactive that we are teaching telling us that he cried through that talk because if he had only had good home teachers... it is important! 

But yeah. That was my week in a nut shell. Stressful, but good. I do not ever want to have to handle two stakes like that again. But I will take more general Conference. :) 

I love you all!  

-Sister Waite(a-second)

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