Monday, May 15, 2017

May 15th

Hey Everyone!!

This past week was a busy week. Haha, we have been doing a lot of
traveling ever since they combined the stakes. For instance, on
Saturday we went clear up to Duck Creek (which is about an hour and a
half from Kanab and after a few hours there turned around and went
straight to Cane Beds (which is about 2 hours from Duck Creek) and.
Stayed the night there because we were speaking in their Ward the next
day, We car hopped the whole time because we didn't have the miles for
that... I haven't spend so much time in the car for a long time now!

Larry finally came to church!! We were super excited to hear that, we
had been trying to get him to come to church for a while now. We were
finally also able to see Rhonda as well. Samantha has also been making
progress. She has been reading the Book of Mormon and is all the way
in Mosiah!

Other than that, the other really exciting thing was getting to Skype
home for Mother's Day. That was really good, it was great to be able
to see everyone again. Haha, we did have a neat experience afterwards.
So, Sister Kirby loves Lasagna, LOVES it and she turned to me and said
that what she really wanted for dinner was Lasagna and so during one
of our prayers, she prayed that that is what we would have for dinner.
Guess what we had for dinner? Lasagna. God does hear and answer

Anyway, this next week will hopefully be busy lots of lessons. :)

I love you all!
Have a great week!
-Sister Waite(a-second)
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