Monday, April 10, 2017

April 10th

Hey Everyone!!

This past week was really, really good.

We have the chance to go on mini-exchanges again this week, so I got
to go with Sister Lola to Kaibab! That was a lot of fun to see people
that I had worked with. :) We had the chance to teach Larry. He was a
man who Sister Lola and I picked up on our last day together, so I
never really got to teach him... until Friday! We retaught the
restoration again and we put him on date for June 10th!

Another interesting experience that we had this week all started with
Sister Dunne getting locked out of the bathroom...anyway, there is
whole another story behind that, but we ended up heading to the church
Thursday evening (about 8)  so that she could use the restroom. After
that we were just sitting for a moment, talking about where we were
going to go and we looked and there was this family just staring in at
us! Turns out they were this Member family just looking for bishop but
while we were talking with them another woman walked up. Turns out,
she was looking for a place to pray and this was the only place she
could find that looked open. So we let her in and let her pray for
about half an hour. When she came out, she just looked so at peace. We
started talking with her, and we all starting talking about our
testimonies of Christ and the spirit WAS SO STRONG!! It was really
cool. She didn't take a Book of Mormon or a watch #Princeofpeace, but
she felt the spirit and the Lord provided her a place to pray when she
needed one. That is how much He loves us.

Last night we also managed to pick someone new up. Her name is Rose,
but we are unsure of her real motives. We know that she has been
studying with another religion and is pretty far into it, but we are
just praying that she doesn't want to just debate. We will go back and
see how it goes though!!!

I love you all!!!
-Sister Waite (a-second)

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