Monday, February 6, 2017

Feb 6, 207

Hey everyone! :)

We have been busy this week, and next week looks even busier! But we
are excited about that. :)

Last night we saw Satoria, which is always fun. But it turns out over
the past week or so, she and her brother Oliver have read the whole
Book of Mormon Stories that we left them! That was exciting to hear.
We challenged her to keep reading it and hopefully she will.

Yesterday we also got to see Finley and her sister Cashlynn which is
really good because we hadn't been able to see them all week for one
reason or another. It is so fun to teach them and work with them.
Haha, we were teaching them about tithing,and we use M&M to help teach
it. At one point in the lesson it involves M&Ms being dumped out to
show the blessings of paying our tithing, and it was way cute. Their
eyes just light up and Cashlynn got really excited and asked us  if
they 'Can pay tithing to?!'  We assured that she could and in fact we
were greatly encouraging her to do it. :)

This past Thursday we also had zone Conference, plus interviews for
the Kanab and Kaibab sisters because we live out in the boonies. It
was really good, but afterwards our senior couple (who we rode up
with) took us back through Zions National park. That was fun to see
again and Sister Lola loved it a lot.  This was her first time going
there and even though we didn't stop and do any of the hikes (because
it wasn't P-Day) she kept requesting that Elder Robinson stop and just
leave her there. I attached the pictures of the selfie that we took in
the car. :)

I love you all!!
-Sister Waite(a-second)

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