Saturday, June 18, 2016

A beautiful day at the temple

June 18th was a beautiful day at the Billings Montana temple with Julia. Grandma and Grandpa Sharp were able to come up and go with us.  We had been told that it would be a very busy day at the temple.  There were four young people going through the session for their own endowments.  The session was pretty full, but not completely.  We weren't sure how full it would be so Grandpa and Grandma planned to get there plenty early and get a seat.  I was so grateful they were willing to come and go with Julia.  It was a choice experience to be there with Julia. She looked beautiful in her white dress.

After the session we took pictures outside the temple and then went to Olive Garden for dinner. Lizzy and Wade came and met us for dinner.  It was a great day together.

I am so grateful for temple blessings.  The temple is such a peaceful place. It truly is a refuge from the world for me.  I hope Julia will desire to go back and feel the spirit there.  We are always so grateful to be at the temple with our children.  I love to see the temple and be inside it!

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